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    New dining service on Fred.Olsen cruises

    Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines this month introduced a new dining option on its longer voyages.

    The Evening In service allows passengers to enjoy a casual dinner and have their food delivered to their suite or cabin, rather than heading out for a meal at an onboard restaurant.

    Fred.Olsen expects the offering to prove popular among travellers who have spent a long day ashore and want to have a quiet evening, as well as those who are planning to get up early the next morning for an excursion.

    Guests will be able to enjoy a full four-course dinner and pick from menus offering a wider choice than room service.

    Available without charge, the Evening In service was launched on Balmoral and Black Watch this month and, if it proves popular, will be rolled out to the rest of the fleet in the near future.

    Nigel Lingard, Fred.Olsen's marketing director, said: "This is another example of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines breaking new ground and listening to our guests; it is a key part of our philosophy to offer a personal service and to be flexible regarding our guests' wishes.

    "I am confident that this new service will be very popular and many people will enjoy the occasional relaxed night in, as a change from the superb dining room service we already offer."

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    What a great idea.

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    So, room service then?

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    Sounds great


    Keep smiling and keep sailing

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    Smile New Dining service on Fred. Olsen cruises

    It sounds a good idea especially on long voyages round the world, South America etc.

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    Hmm. I suppose one person could eat at the dressing table and the other from the coffee table but it could be difficult. My cabin on Balmoral was quite roomy but not sure there would be room for a table and two chairs.

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    Would you go to bed in the dining room ? I've not since my bedsit days !

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    Seems like a good idea, we had room service on our last cruise after a long day ashore and the menu was very limited.

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    Great idea Fred

    I love the idea of dinner in the room. We had a lovely suite with plenty of room on the Braemar and a great balcony, which would have been a superb place to sit and eat in the evening.
    I just always feel we are letting down the other people on the table by just not turning up though

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    Bah Humbug!! Another corny idea that is as impractical as asking for the fuel surcharge to be included in the price. Watch out folks, I see another charge, akin to service charges, creeping in the back door to extract some more money from our diminishing coffers.

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