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    Transport from Zeebrugge to Bruges

    Hi, anyone know how to get from Zeebrugge to Bruges without using ships costly excursions.

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    The ships usually lay on a shuttle bus to the train station in Blankenburge. Its easy to do from here or by sharing a taxi. Dont make the mistake we did, went by taxi, came back by train to Zebruggee station...totally deserted place, no taxis and walked for what seemed like for ever through an industrial area to get to civilisation.

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    Not so easy now

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    Hi, anyone know how to get from Zeebrugge to Bruges without using ships costly excursions.
    Recently back from Zeebrugge and went with RCI. There was a new ruling that no one was allowed to leave the dock area without using a shuttle or taxi. I am not sure whether this applies to RCI only but that was the ruling.

    If you use the shuttle to get to Blankenberg then you can catch a trin from there to Bruges. Some time ago a group of us got together and has a mini van take us in and back at our times and the price, which I can't exactly remember, was reasonable. You can certainly find transport on the internet. .....Neil

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    We took a taxi from the ship to Bruges last week. 4 of us shared at 50 euros each way.
    Dropped of in the main square and arranged a time with the same taxi to pick us up later in the day. 'Bruges on your own' tour from the ship (Princess) would have cost 69 dollars each. Or alternatively the shuttle to Blankenberg to catch the train would have been 6 dollars each, each way. Dont know how much the train costs. hope this helps.

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