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    Flight seat allocation

    We fly out to Jamaica next month to join Sea Princess by a Thompson charter flight.

    Has any one experience how seats are allocated going out and back?

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    The seats allocated at the checkin desk are usually the same seats coming back.
    Premium seats paid for when booked at travel agent are usually side by side if booked early enough.(Dont rely on getting to the airport early for these as they are pre allocated at time of booking)

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    My understanding is that Thomson flight seats are normally allocated before you have even arrived at the airport by Thomson - my understanding is that none are now allocated at the check in desk.

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    By pure chance (useless TA) we found out that part of the price included being able to pre book seats on flights from 60 days before flights. This could be done on line by typing in name and ref number on Thomson extra page. You can then see the configuration of seating and choose your seats. If like me you couldn't log onto the page ( TA had wrong spelling of name, but tickets had not arrived to verify name) you can phone and pre book seats. Phone TA/Thomson's and ask.

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    I flew from Manchester in April with Thompson to Barbados tried pre booking seats with Thompson they wouldn't do it, we ended up not sitting together but one in front the other, the girl at the check in desk was very helpful and tried her best, secret is get to check in early if you can.

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    This March I flew with Thomson from Gatwick to the Canaries, when I checked in I was asked if I would prefer a window or isle seat so there was a choice for solo travellers back then. Of course solos are just filling up the gaps as most people are flying as couples.

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