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    Your ultimate "Action Hero"

    The Bond thread got me thinking especially as there is a new film out this month that I wish to go & see

    The cast of this film reads like an encyclopedia of the greatest action actors ever ~ Stallone, Schwartenegger, Lundgren, Li, Statham & Willis.

    Between them these guys have made most of the top 100 action movies so this hould be worth watching. Think Conan, Terminator, Rambo, War, Rocky, Die Hard, Predator, Crank & Universal Soldier. Basically the only person missing of the great 80's action heros is Van Damme

    But the question is.....Who is your favourite action hero & why?

    Mine has got to be Arnie, my dad read alot of bodybuilding magazines when I was growing up (It may have influenced me a tad) and all the great ones had Arnie on the cover. Some of the parts he has played haven't needed a great deal of talent but most of them are memorable whether for the right reasons (Terminator) or the wrong reasons (Total Recall / Twins)

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    Guess if you follow Arnie's example you will end up in Government as the local council leader or better yet, a seat with the Lord's.

    Was your hubby concerned in your body building past:D

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    Russell crowe is one of mine favorite superhero and I like him form his movie robin hood movie of hardcore actions. .

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    Russell Crowe is also my favorite Super Hero.

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    Quote QUOTE: View Post
    Russell Crowe is also my favorite Super Hero.

    Watch One Piece Online
    Sorry folks, I can't stand Russell Crowe - perhaps I'm missing something! I have fond memories of Ben Murphy in Alias Smith and Jones, but now I'm showing my age. Recently I've enjoyed watching Capt Jack Sparrow. Judith

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    Danger Mouse and Penfold were quite heroic in my book!

    The original Batman series with Adam West and Burt Ward were well pitched too.

    One cannot ignore Inspector Gadget either, a logistical master!

    Dr Who heroes: Difficult to split Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee I think.

    Best Bond: Sean Connery though the latest lad is quite acceptable too.

    Steve Austin was quite a hero too.......wasn't impressed by the Bionic Woman though, her bionic ear meant you would always have to be on your guard!

    There will be many more........back later.


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    Until a few years ago, my favourite Bond was definitely Sean Connery. However now he's getting a run for his money with Daniel Craig, who has made him quite a hard-hitting character and I'm really looking forward to the release of the next Bond film. I just hope that they have a better soundtrack than on 'A Quantum of Solace', which managed to plunge new depths with that awful Alicia Keys/Jack White screechfest.

    I enjoy the Bourne Identity films also. Matt Damon is just so cool as Jason Bourne. And finally, I enjoyed watching Vin Diesel in 'Pitch Black'. However, those scary, shiny contact lenses of his had me hiding behind the sofa....

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    For me......Russell Crowe.

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    Im looking forward to seeing Jason Momoa of 'Game of Thrones' Dothraki leader as the new 'Conan the Barbarian'!
    Im also waiting for the fourth and maybe last of Tom Cruises' Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible "Ghost Protocol" and it is rumoured Tom is to be the new Jack Reacher!
    As above I will always have a soft spot for Arnie and for Matt Damon - has anyone seen his recently shaved head?!!!

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    My favorite action hero is Jackie Chan.

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