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  1. Hi, Celebrity do the guarantee. The RCI web page price must have changed on the same grade of cabin as you have booked and be advertised at the reduced price in the travel agent (TA) you booked with. You should talk to your travel agent in the first instant, and they should be aware of the fact. Some TA's don't know about it or don't adhere to the guarantee (it affects their commission) It's usual to ask at the time of booking whether the TA will honour the price promise. That said, if they don't know about the price promise get them to call Celebrity and get confirmation and then hassle your TA to give the reduction to you. Failing that phone celebrity yourself and see if they will give you OBC . Make sure you have a dated printout of the new price. I know do honour the promise so if you have booked with them it should be plain sailing. Good luck with your endevours and don't hesitate to contact me if you need further assistance.

  2. You can claim a rebate at any time, even if you have paid the full amount, it may be an actual refund or if it is close to the sailing date you may get it as on board credit (OBC). So keep monitoring the price, which I do for my cruise that is coming up in Oct, both by dummy bookings and I'm subscribed to "CRUISEFISH" which I recommended earlier .. Pete

    Hello Pete, could you help me with the above?
    Does this also apply to Celebrity cruises, as they are part of RCI. We are sailing in March and would appreciate the info.
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